Workshops/Group Classes

Lessons available for all ages and levels.  Beginners, intermediate, and advanced students are welcome. Please  Register Here    or click here to contact us to schedule an appointment. You can also call 910-364-9263 or send us a text: 910-315-0014

Group Classes

  • These classes are currently offered at no extra cost to the parents and students of Fayetteville School of Music, LLC , and you can enroll in as many as you want.
  • There is a limited capacity for enrollment, and not all the classes are suitable for all ages.

Group Guitar Class for Adults and Parents: Sight reading, chords, songs, fingerpicking style, strumming techniques, etc…

Guitar Ensemble: For guitar students only. Classical Guitar Orchestra, Guitar duo, trio or quartet.

Basic Musicianship: For enrolled students only.  Includes music theory,  and ear training.  This class will “make” as long as there are enough students of the same age group enrolled.

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